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Kolang Kaling Ice


* 2 kg of fruit roof / and fro
* 2 liters of water washing rice *)
* 1, 5 liters of water
* 4 lime leaves
* 2 pieces of pandan leaves, cut into pieces
* 600 g sugar
* Food coloring (Red or Green)

If you add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to make it more fragrant

How to make:

* Wash and fro. Soak and fro washing rice in water for 4 hours or more to the mucus and the smell of acid lost. Drain.
* Rinse with clean water, drain again.
* Boil and fro with water, lime leaves and pandan leaves to boil.
* Add sugar and give a few drops of red coloring. Cook until water is reduced and fro to red. Drain and fro.
* Jerangkan water siropnya until slightly thick. Enter again to and fro, and cook over low heat until the water siropnya depleted or nearly dry. Lift.
* Chill.
* Put in a covered container. Store in refrigerator.

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