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Red Bean Ice

Materials Red Bean Ice Required:1. red beans direndang about 3 hours = 200 grams
2. pandan leaves in torn pieces = 2
3. sugar cube = 150 grams
4. ice cube = sufficiently
5. Salt = quarter teaspoon
6. Water = 1000 milliliters

Materials To Santan Red Bean Ice:1. Thick coconut milk = 150 ml
2. pandan leaves in torn pieces = 1
3. cornstarch dissolved in a little ait = half a teaspoon

Cooking Guide Red Bean Ice In Graduated:1. red beans, pandan leaves and rock sugar boiled in water until boiling.
2. Diminished the stove until beans become soft and ripe and then removed.
3. Make coconut milk with red bean ice road boil pandan leaves with coconut milk until boiling.
4. Enter the cornstarch solution until thick.
5. For served it, red bean input into glass containers, cups, bowls, etc.. Enter the shaved ice and then pour coconut milk.
Labels: Cold Drinks

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