Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Es Teler

Jackfruit + avocado + grated ice + condensed milk

Materials :
450 coconut mink ml
100 sand sugar gr
1 / 2 salt sdt
2 screw pine leaf lbr
Avocado, crosscut of cubical
Matured jackfruit split 3 every its fruit
Young coconut, taken only its flesh
Black cincau, cut cubical
Red syrup
Ices plane down

Way of Making
- Decant the coconut mink into pan, enhancing sugar, last salt cook till coconut mink boil
- Swirl once in a while so that the coconut mink do not break
- Enhancing screw pine leaf of yg have its periphery rip
- If have matured, lift and made cool
- Enhancing syrup into coconut mink which have been chilled to swirl to flatten
- Decant all fruit which have been prepared
- If less water, can be added by matured water, is likely accomodated
- If there is can be presented with ice plane down and sprinkled meagrely sweet heavy cream and syrup

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kolang Kaling Ice


* 2 kg of fruit roof / and fro
* 2 liters of water washing rice *)
* 1, 5 liters of water
* 4 lime leaves
* 2 pieces of pandan leaves, cut into pieces
* 600 g sugar
* Food coloring (Red or Green)

If you add 1 teaspoon of vanilla to make it more fragrant

How to make:

* Wash and fro. Soak and fro washing rice in water for 4 hours or more to the mucus and the smell of acid lost. Drain.
* Rinse with clean water, drain again.
* Boil and fro with water, lime leaves and pandan leaves to boil.
* Add sugar and give a few drops of red coloring. Cook until water is reduced and fro to red. Drain and fro.
* Jerangkan water siropnya until slightly thick. Enter again to and fro, and cook over low heat until the water siropnya depleted or nearly dry. Lift.
* Chill.
* Put in a covered container. Store in refrigerator.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Red Bean Ice

Materials Red Bean Ice Required:
1. red beans direndang about 3 hours = 200 grams
2. pandan leaves in torn pieces = 2
3. sugar cube = 150 grams
4. ice cube = sufficiently
5. Salt = quarter teaspoon
6. Water = 1000 milliliters

Materials To Santan Red Bean Ice:
1. Thick coconut milk = 150 ml
2. pandan leaves in torn pieces = 1
3. cornstarch dissolved in a little ait = half a teaspoon

Cooking Guide Red Bean Ice In Graduated:
1. red beans, pandan leaves and rock sugar boiled in water until boiling.
2. Diminished the stove until beans become soft and ripe and then removed.
3. Make coconut milk with red bean ice road boil pandan leaves with coconut milk until boiling.
4. Enter the cornstarch solution until thick.
5. For served it, red bean input into glass containers, cups, bowls, etc.. Enter the shaved ice and then pour coconut milk.
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Ice Mix

Materials Required To Make Ice Mix:
1. White sweetened condensed milk = enough to taste
2. = Sufficient water
3. Ice cubes or block ice shavings = sufficiently
4. Syrup cocopandan / kokopandan = 3 tablespoons
5. Ripe avocado fruit = 1
6. Black Cincau diced = 25 grams
7. Leci / Lychee = 3 pieces
8. Cendol = 2 tablespoons
9. Basil = 2 tablespoons
10. coconut kerokan = 3 tablespoons
11. Nata de coco / coconut juice = 2 sedok eat
12. Tape / peyeum = 1 tablespoon

Note: material mixed ice can be reduced or added according to your taste.

Guide How to Prepare Ice Mix drinks Graduated In:
1. Put all the ingredients together into a glass or bowl (avocado, Grass jelly, basil, coconut juice, young coconut, tape, lechi, cendol).
2. Enter the milk and syrup to taste according to your taste and stir.
3. Give ice shavings or ice cubes with cold water.
4. Mix well and serve cold in a fresh state.
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