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Jackfruit + avocado + grated ice + condensed milk

Materials :
450 coconut mink ml
100 sand sugar gr
1 / 2 salt sdt
2 screw pine leaf lbr
Avocado, crosscut of cubical
Matured jackfruit split 3 every its fruit
Young coconut, taken only its flesh
Black cincau, cut cubical
Red syrup
Ices plane down
Way of Making
  • Decant the coconut mink into pan, enhancing sugar, last salt cook till coconut mink boil
  • Swirl once in a while so that the coconut mink do not break
  • Enhancing screw pine leaf of yg have its periphery rip
  • If have matured, lift and made cool
  • Enhancing syrup into coconut mink which have been chilled to swirl to flatten
  • Decant all fruit which have been prepared
  • If less water, can be added by matured water, is likely accomodated
  • If there is can be presented with ice plane down and sprinkled meagrely sweet heavy cream and syrup

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