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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Heart Rendang (Rendang Hati) Recipes

Rendang is a name of Indonesian traditional cooking that came from West Sumatra (Sumatra Island). Rendang was really famous with it’s hot and deliciously flavours. The main material of this cooking recipes is meat (chicken, cow, goat, etc). Apart from meat, Rendang main material is Heart or other.

Ingredients :

· Heart = 1 of ½ kg
· Coconut Milk (from 3 ½ of coconuts) = 16 glasses

The spice :

· Rough-skinned citrus fruit leaves = 1 piece
· Serai (Lemon Grass) = 1 piece. (Serai is a kind of grass plant that his leaves were long like the tall grass, was used as the kitchen spice to make food smelled good)
· Turmeric leaves = 1 piece
· Acid kendis = 2 piece

The spice that was refined :

· Candlenuts = 2 piece
· Garlic = 6 fangs
· Shallot = 10 fangs
· Red chili rolled = 2 spoons
· Ginger = 1 part
· Galingale = 1 part
· Salt = adequate

Methods :

· Cut to the piece Heart to four sided but don't be too thin, afterwards washed through to clean
· Make all the spices soft. Except the turmeric leaves, lemon grass, acid kendis and rough-skinned citrus fruit leaves
· Prepare the wok and boiled all the spices
· Stirred continually coconut milk did not break. If already thick and went out its oil, put the Heart
· Stirred again slowly so that the heart is not destroyed, cooked with middle fire
· If you wanted Heart Rendang (Rendang Hati) with the blackish colour, cooked with small fire

Source : http://menumakanan.com/content/view/23/2/

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